Robert Olivier

I'm an iOS developer.

I develop iOS applications and strive to deliver pixel perfect renditions of my client's designs. I have experience with Urban Airship, TestFlight, HockeyApp, Mixpanel,, In App Purchase, AFNetworking, Core-Plot, and FMDB.

I'm a C and C++ Developer.

I've been using more Java, Ruby and Objective-C over the past few years and haven't kept up with the new C++ standard so I'm a bit rusty. Its been a while but I could connect a logic analyzer to a board and write a Linux device driver or on-the-metal embedded systems code if asked.

I'm a Rails Developer.

I have used Rails since the 2.x days building admin systems and APIs. Sometimes I use Sinatra instead. I design databases and have deployed to Heroku, EC2, Rackspace an dedicated hardware. I love Capistrano.

I'm a Java Developer.

I enjoy deploying Java applications with embedded web servers such as Jetty rather than deal with J2EE containers and XML files. I have developed my own dependency injection style using JRuby through JSR-223 scripting. I have explored some of the new Sinatra inspired micro-frameworks for Java but have not yet deployed a such a system. I've written my own NIO frameworks and binary protocol implementations. I use YourKit for profiling and tend to prefer Netbeans as my IDE, if I use one. I'm very comfortable with Maven and have built several non-trivial build environments with it.

I'm a small-scale sysadmin.

I'm not a full-time sysadmin but I can keep a small Rails app and database going, and can interface at a high level with a ops or sysadmin team. I've been a Linux user since kernel version 1.6 and have compiled the kernel more times than I can count. I typically use CentOS for new projects. I would love to work with a team using Puppet or Chef to build a bigger site someday.

I am not a visual designer.

Some people are designers and programmers. I am not one of them.